Sunday, January 23, 2011

Teenagers & Buffets!

So last Tuesday the kids were out of school and I took them down to a local fun center ----- you know the places with arcades, laser tag, mini golf and SNACK bars. My oldest was slightly grumbling about going so I told him to invite his two best friends along also.

After we were there a little while the teenagers started to get hungry. (The bag of pretzels I'd brought along just wasn't cutting it any longer) After talking to an employee of the joint they (the teenagers) came to me with a plan. There was an all you can eat price of $10.95 for anything on the menu and they would share. Well since a thing of chicken fingers was about $5 it seemed like a no brainer. So I go up and order the buffet and then I am presented with "the rules".

2. Food MUST be eaten inside eating area - a.k.a. "we're watching you!"
3. If any rules are broken you are banned from getting any more food.

Their marvelous plan was foiled ..... at least until the friends decided to purchase their own also.

Let the Feasting Begin!!

Do you know how many Dippin' Dots one teenager can eat? Let alone three teenagers? My one son ate about 10 servings at about $4.50 a piece. He definitely got his money worth. Not to mention the corn dogs, pretzels, pizza, cheese burgers, churros and unlimited sodas.

I was nervous as we traveled back up the canyon home that we would see all that beloved junk food once again but luckily my mom-sense was wrong ... this time.

It made the boys day and we're wondering how long the "all you can eat" will be around once they do their books. At least for now I've got three boys in "hog heaven!"

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