Sunday, January 23, 2011

Master Closet

I actually did this a few days before it was assigned ... yea me!

I've only got this one before picture. I already had my system in place but things needed a little tidying up. Hailey and Katie were more than happy to earn a little money helping me in here.
Some new finds ---

I found this at Bed, Bath & Beyond a week ago and thought I'd give it a try. So far, so good!
I found this belt hanger in the dollar section at Target only right now not very much is actually only 1 dollar. I think it was $2.50 but I wish they had more! We took the last one and I haven't seen anymore since then.
I also found this scarf hanger in the same section. I bought one for each closet but haven't gotten that far yet.
We got these shoe cubbies at Costco a few years ago. It has really help keep things organized. The girls loved helping me put away my shoes. We emptied them all, picked the ones up off the floor and re-loaded. I moved the summer to the back of the closet and put the boots closer to the front.

We started buying these milk crates at back to school time when they are on sale. I've stacked and zip tied them to the shelves to create cubbies. Cheap and easy fix. I have to sort them a couple of times a year to switch seasons.



Kristal said...

Good job! My Target had a few of those things about a week ago, and I considered them but then decided against them, including a shoe/plastic over the door organizer. I did get some cute file folders, though! I used a regular hanger for my winter scarves and wound them once around the hanger and then I used a regular hanger with some cheap plastic shower curtain rings for my "fashion" scarves, but the rings slide, so I think just the plain hanger works better. I kind of wondered how much space a purse hanger would take up, thanks for showing that in action!

The Spanglers said...

You're doing amazing stuff in your house. I like the tip about zip-tying the crates. I hadn't thought of that & was always afraid they would come crashing down. I have the same belt hanger, but use it for all of my layering tanks (I got that idea from Krista A.) and it works really well. Keep it up!

Toni said...

That is an awesome organized master closet. Thanks for linking up!

Alisa said...

Mine did crash down after about a year --- then came the zip ties!

renee' said...

Way to Alisa, I wish that this were rubbing off on me, but I think I'm waiting until you turn this into a business and I get to hire you. :)