Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Done!!!!! Now that's wishful thinking....

Day 21 of the 21 day challenge has come.  The challenge for today was to pick your own challenge.  Easy enough right?

The only problem with that is I had a VERY hard time finding the inner strength to actually think of a challenge.  I really wanted to just call it good and take a break for the day.  About 12:30 I finally thought of something that needed organizing. (There is actually plenty that still needs organizing but finding something that I wanted to work on today.)

Here's my project:  Sort, itemize, bag up and haul away the donation pile

I know - not really something that will stay with me but something that needs to be done anyway.  Over the past 21 days we've already hauled away several donation piles but a big one had accumulated again.

Here's what I started with:
Then I sorted everything into piles so that it would be easier to itemize.
I made a list of everything I'm donating and the condition it is in.
There you go! All the piles are bagged and boxed and ready to drive down to the Donation Center. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for my oldest son to get home from school so that he can haul it to the car!

I'd like to thank Kristen for joining this challenge so that I could find it and Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons for putting this challenge together. The last several months I've really been feeling the need to get my house in order but didn't know where to begin. I often start projects and don't finish them because with 9 people in the house my days can get busy really quickly and I'll often put projects off for later.

This challenge was very motivating for me because I knew that I couldn't put things off for tomorrow because tomorrow there would be a new challenge. It feels great to have gotten so much done. I've created a mental list of things that I still need to organize. But I need a little R & R first .... is that really possible? We'll see.


Toni said...

Yay!! Thanks for doing the challenge with me. Hopefully I will see you at my next challenge.

Mandy said...

Way to go Alisa! You did awesome!
-your sis Mandy

Patty said...

Oh good idea! I really need to take care of my give-away-pile. Great job!

The Spanglers said...

Nicely done! I would love to come see the final results in person.
Miss you.

renee' said...

I want to know more about itemizing for deductions. I just donate and then they ask me if I want a receipt and I don't know? I need to learn more.