Saturday, October 9, 2010

Collision Course ---

What would happen if all my world's collided together?

I miss the time when I could see my cousins at every gathering but now there are so many of us and we all have our own lives that these are few and far between.  I miss playing sardines through Grandma's house (okay given the choice today I would probably opt out of the game but I still miss it!)  Or when we were newlyweds and got to see all of my husband's cousins at every holiday gathering.  Life changes, we all get older and our priorities and focus change.

Am I the only one that wishes that I could somehow mash everyone I have ever loved into one big neighborhood?  I know it would get complicated but oh the joy of being able to see everyone I love anytime I wanted.

I visited where I grew up this summer and got to see lots of old (not old age) friends and some family and it made me want to move back to be able to see them all the time.  I had a great childhood and a lot of great people in my life.  LOVE THEM!!

I had all the in-laws at my house this summer and LOVED it. -- Yes it's tiring entertaining for two weeks when I can't get my naps in or else everything will fall apart.  Someone has to make sure things are running so we can eat and actually see the table and floors.  --  I miss family more than anything and don't like missing out on stuff.   If we're with my family and I know the other side is getting together without me it's hard.  Why can't I be in multiple places at once?  When do the superhero traits kick in?

My family, it's the greatest.  I know you are all jealous and wish mine were yours - okay, I know the beauty about family is that most everyone feels this same way and if you don't I'm sorry.  We're not perfect but we love being together. 

I have great friends in my neighborhood and in my old neighborhood.  Last month I was able to go to lunch with friends from my old neighborhood.  I was slightly nervous because we rarely talk anymore and I was afraid I might be the odd man (or woman) out because they all live near each other still.  It wasn't the case and lunch made me wish I still lived by them.  They get me (or at least pretend to) and it was so great to be able to catch up and chat as if I were still one of the group.

I know it's crazy to think that this could actually work but why couldn't it?  One big commune full of my friends and family ----- maybe because I wouldn't still love them all? 

I guess that's what memories are for ...