Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny Baby

Caleb was just cracking himself up. Such a cutie!!

Schools OUT!!

Today has been a week since we got out of school. We got a late start to summer and the weather isn't helping that at all. We had the heater on this past weekend!!

Savannah had a kindergarten program and then we were able to go back to her classroom and find out her teacher for next year. She was lucky enough to get Hailey's first grade teacher so that is very exciting, also she was able to end school a day before all the other kids.
Savannah and Miss Dahl

Dan & I went to the assembly at Old Mill (Elementary) because last year our kids got so many awards and only Hailey's teacher had invited us to come. We didn't want to miss anything even though we weren't told ahead of any awards coming. Hailey received the TOP CITIZEN in her class. She is so excited because she got the same award in first grade too.

Jacob didn't receive any awards in the assembly but his teacher pulled him out before the assembly to let him know that she was only allowed to give 2 students the top academic award and that she had 3 that were tied. She had to pull the names out of a hat and Jacob didn't get one. We thought that was nice of her to do.

Amber received a 4.00 average for the entire year! She is an incredible student and all of her teachers always love her. I was looking through her yearbook and came across her teacher's signature. Here is what she wrote, "Well what to say to the PERFECT student? I know THANK YOU. If I had an ALLSTAR class you would definitely be a #1 draft choice! Keep up all the work and dedication .. I know you will be a huge success in all that you do. I am going to really enjoy watching you grow up! Stay in touch. Stay Gold- Mrs. Straughan" That really makes a mom proud!!!

Danny did awesome too but was very ready for summer. He really enjoyed the last couple days of school because they got to sign yearbooks. We had a lot of fun looking at it together and finding all the pictures of his friends and going through the 7th grade looking at all the students. He told me who they were and how he knew them. ... some good bonding time! Amber started and summer pre-Algebra class and when the teacher found out she was Danny's sister she said what a good student he was. Also his science teacher wrote on his report card that he is such a great guy and not many students maintain a perfect average the entire term. We are proud of the teenager he is turning into. We're hoping this trend continues!!

While the big kids were off at out of school parties we held one of our own. Jacob and Hailey both invited friends over and had a great time. Caleb even got into it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Amber is 12!!

We had a last minute party for Amber at Papa's Lot. Half of my family is in Hawaii so we pulled together the few families that stayed behind and were able to celebrate with Amber.
Kyliee really enjoys her cousin Caleb!
Katie and her yummy dessert!
Its tricky to get 12 candles into stawberry shortcake!! But that's what she wanted.
I actually got Danny to take a picture with his sister.

The Beehives came and decorated Amber's door to welcome her into YW. She is sooooo excited!!

New Birthday Outfit!

Ginger & Caleb