Friday, June 4, 2010


It has been a couple of years since I've blogged so I better catch up! In August of last year I had our 7th child! We were so excited to welcome Caleb to our family. He is now 9 months old and we LOVE him so much. He is a pure joy to our family.

We sure love him!!

Savannah riding a bike

I went to pick Savannah up from a friends house and she was outside riding a bike WITHOUT training wheels! I was so shocked! She said her friend Ellie taught her how. She told her what to do and then Savannah just kept practicing. It has been about 2 weeks and now she rides like a pro, I'll have to post another video.

Starting Again!

I am going to start blogging again!!!!! I know I was never good at it but my sister-in-law has me blogging on a family blog so I thought I might as well publish here at the same time. So please come back!! I promise I won't dissapoint ... well aleast not this week!

Family Time

Spring Break we took the kids to some local attractions. This is at Kennecott Copper Mine. It wasn't our traditional trip to the sunshine of Arizona but they still had a great week.

A fun picture at a park in Midway.

Sunday we decided to drive down to Cove Fort for a little adventure and to teach the kids a little about Church History in the area. We had a blast but realized about half-way there that it wasn't the 1 1/2 hour drive that I thought it was. Oops!

Field Trips Galore!

We are at the end of year "busyness" with field trips, CORE testing, field days, etc. This week Hailey had a field trip to Kamas Pool. Katie, Caleb, and I had a lot of fun spending the day at the pool with the entire second grade.

Savannah had a field trip the same day to the Children's Museum in Salt Lake. Dan was able to meet up with her for a couple hours. They had a lot of fun on the climbing wall and visiting the weather station.

Yesterday Jacob had a field trip to "This is the Place Heritage Park". Katie and I had so much fun spending the day with Jacob and the 4th grade. We will definitely be going back for a visit before the summer is out.

Last night Jacob had a end of season soccer banquet which was a lot of fun. He enjoyed playing with all his soccer buddies. Also, the elementary school had a night where the kids could show off their artwork for the year. It was a challenge fitting everything in but we were able to make an appearance at all of their events.

We can't wait for school to be out next week!! We are ready for no more schedules!

Here's recent pictures of Danny, Amber, and Caleb ... just so we're all represented. :-)