Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hill Cumorah Pageant

A few months ago a member of our Bishopric mentioned that our family should consider applying to be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I told him they don't want families like mine with all these little kids. He assured me that we were exactly what they were looking for. At the time I thought there is no way my family, especially Dan, would ever go for that but I brought it up that night at Family Night. To my surprise everyone said yes and were excited about it!

I looked it up and found out that you apply August 15th through mid-October. It has been interesting throughout the summer... It seems like I run into people everywhere who have been in the pageant and tell me what a great experience it is. Before this year the only person I had met who had been in the pageant was the member of our Bishopric.

August 15th came and I got on that day and applied for our family to be in the pageant. That day I got an automated response stating that I should receive a signature page to take to our Bishop within 24 hours. Well 24, 48, and 73 hours went by without receiving this signature page. I was beginning to wonder if we were just out of the picture or if our application was lost in cyberspace.

I looked up a number on the website and called. I was able to talk with the director David Broadbent who made me even more excited for this experience. We talked about Zion's Camp (which is where most but not all of the families stay while there) He told me they can only fit 56 families in so the other families have to look for other alternatives. I told him how big my family is and he said that is good news because it moves us up on the priority list. Great News.

Also, he told me they are having a lot of technical issues so the application procedure is being delayed. I asked if there was anything we could do to enhance our chances of making it. I told him that I didn't put down any talents because we sing in church but aren't professionals or anything.

He said that because we have a large family it increases our chances. Also, he said being a leader and being willing to be a leader are the main thing that they look at. He said the mere fact that we said we'd be willing to be over a cast group was a strong positive for us. He said to write an email gushing about us and listing our leadership experience.

We are excited! If we get in we hope some of our family will come watch!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Caleb!!

Caleb had a lot of fun yesterday on his 1st birthday. He wasn't shy at all about diggin' in and getting dirty.

And he's walking! Well at least taking steps.