Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seriously, I have the best husband....

What kind of man does so many kind things for others?  A great one and that's what I've got.

Today was stake conference and a very special one.  Year after year we have stake conference and my husband leaves over an hour early to make sure we get cushy seats.  He does this mainly for me because he knows it is important to me, and the fact that it helps the kids to pay attention and sit quietly.

We have been caught in the back a few times and it is always a nightmare.  Loud kids who can't really tell why we're at the church because they can't even see who's speaking much less hear them because of all the action figures, barbies, and crayons getting banged on metal chairs.

We were very blessed to have been visited by Elder L. Tom Perry at our Stake Conference this weekend.  What a wonderful event this was and I got to meet him twice.  I feel so lucky.  I met him long ago but I'm having a hard time remembering when exactly.  In college we used to go sleep on the street in Salt Lake waiting to attend General Conference and that is where I met Elder Oaks as he walked casually down the street to the Tabernacle but I can't quite place when I would have met Elder Perry but I do remember thinking how tall he was.

Anyway .... back to the present.  I was asked to give the benediction at last nights adult session so Dan and I arrived early to make sure I wouldn't have to make the trek to the stage from the back of the chapel and ended up sitting on the front row.  Then today my sweet husband got to the chapel an hour and a half early to make sure that we had good seats.  I always stroll in about a quarter till but today I was good and made it by 9:30.  I found them on the second row --- GREAT seats.  Let me tell you there is nothing quite like sitting there having an apostle of the Lord look into your eyes as he gives his sermon.

 Thank you sweetie for getting such great seats for our family.  About halfway through the meeting it really touched me that Dan would get such great seats for our family.  In fact he wasn't even in there to enjoy his cushy seat but was out in the lobby with our rambouctious toddler.  That is love! 

At the end of the meeting we were able to go up and shake Elder Perry's hand.  When he saw curly haired Katie he said, "Now here's the second row crew ... what a great family!"  Priceless