Monday, June 7, 2010

Garage Sale

We had a garage sale Saturday which is exhausting itself but then we also decided to rearrange all of the kids rooms. LONG DAY!!

Here's the story ...

We still have had a few items left in the garage from the furniture business closing so we really wanted to sell them and get the stuff out of our garage! About mid-day none of the big stuff was selling so I decided to come in and list them online for dirt cheap with the understanding that we wanted them out of our garage that day.

The phone started ringing off the hook! We had someone drive up from Salt Lake for one of the items and another drive from Wyoming! I also had a damaged bunk bed that people started calling about and wanting to know where the damage was and how bad. I took a picture for someone and realized that it was on a baseboard below where the mattress sits so it wouldn't be visible. I gave someone the good news with the understanding that they would leave about 10 minutes later to come get it. I hung up the phone & told Dan I wished we would have realized sooner the damage was hidden because we could get more money for it or could have used it ourselves. After talking with Dan, we decided to use it ourselves! Dan said if we were going to keep them they had to be set up that day, so we moved the toddler beds out to the yard sale and then started the process. We also decided to shuffle who sleeps where so that just added to the mess.

There also was a under bed storage system we bought for the boys future bunk bed and then never were able to get their bed so we decided to raise their current bunk and put the system in. It took ALL day! We finished all the kids rooms but my loft is still not recovered! There are piles of things that need to be put back it place.

At the end of the day Saturday I told Dan I was taking him out for tacos. We drove to Tony's Tacos only to find them closed so we drove to Midway hoping another yummy place would still be open. We pulled in the parking lot and they looked closed but their door was open. Dan went and talked to the owner and they told us to come on in. We were in and out in 30 minutes and scarfed our food down! It was quite the site to see as we were both famished! We should have videoed it ...

Icky stuff!

Well after the field trips last week and then having the sun beat down on me at Jacob's soccer dinner, I got heat exhaustion. It was horrible! I had the worst headache I have ever experienced and was queasy and nauseous for 2 days. Luckily that has past.

Jacob came home Friday with a mild fever and stomach pains that are still there after 3 days. Hailey smashed her pinky on Friday and it is starting to get infected, and Danny needs a physical for scout camp so we are off to the Doctor in a couple of hours. Hailey's finger looks horrible! When she came in with it I couldn't even look at it without feeling like I was going to throw up. My sister's right I couldn't handle my baby having open-heart surgery!! In my defence it was the day I was so sick from heat exhaustion! I called Dan asking when he was going to be home because I couldn't handle it.