Friday, January 21, 2011

Still plugging away....

I'm still working on my organizing challenge. This week has been a lot less challenging but still I somehow managed to get behind. Oops!

The kids were out of school Monday and Tuesday so I did what I could in between taking them to some of their favorite places.

Monday I took Savannah and Katie down the canyon with me to make some returns and then have some fun. The rest of the family was going to meet up with us later. After some fun at Chuck E Cheese we met the rest of the family at a Trampoline Fun Center. My kids LOVE this place but it was the most crowded I've ever seen it ... not so much fun. A few of the kids and I left early in search of thee PERFECT bathroom organizing things with a bribe of dinner at their favorite taco shop. Six stores later we still couldn't find exactly what I was looking for (shelving for under the bathroom sink and an over the cabinet hanging basket). It was very frustrating but I bought different shelves that I found in various sizes in hopes that something would work. We got home and hauled in my load. Of course NOTHING worked right. Aaagh!

I continued to work on the bathrooms but everything that I put together just didn't seem to fit right. I felt like I've been playing Tetris all week trying to find the winning combination without much success. Tuesday I was gone all day with the kids again (I'll catch you up on that later) and then Wednesday was back to school and a dentist appointment for me.

The dentist is right by Bed Bath and Beyond so I thought I'd give that a try. We looked around and found nothing and mentioned to an employee what we were looking for. He told me that I'd have to have it custom made. I told him I've seen them online at Amazon. He was no help so we kept looking and FOUND exactly what I was looking for. HAPPY DAY!

Day 14: Under Bathroom Sink - I don't know why I can't just focus on one area at a time but they all seem intermingled so this took me several days because not only did I organize under all three sinks but I did all three bathroom vanity tops and drawers too. Oh yeah ... and the master closet.

Here's under my hubby's sink:

And here's the kids: (no before shot but it was pretty bare.)
Kid's Bath

The girls were especially excited to set up their own hair space.  I have four girls and do most of the hair in my bathroom but the oldest two are great at doing their own hair so it was time.

Day 15: Medicine/Vitamin Storage - Done!

Day 16: The Fridge - Luckily I did this the same day as the freezer so it was done! I was so happy because the kids were out of school and our days were filled with fun.

Day 17: Mail - This is the first day that I didn't get my job done! Bummer! The bathrooms took me a few days. I know sad ... right? Tomorrow's Today's job is organizing keepsakes so it looks like I'm going to spend the day in the office and get three tasks done at once. Mail, Keepsakes and Desk top (from day 2 before I started the challenge). We'll see if I can get it all done.


Colleen said...

I've been plugging away too. slowly but I am getting it done which is nice. You aren't alone : )

The Spanglers said...

I love that over the cabinet door organizer. We had 2 very frustrating trips to 2 different Bed Bath & Beyond before Christmas. I don't think the employees really know what they have in that store. Way to go for finding it.