Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Halloween is one of my favorites!  I admit I complain about having to get all the costumes together but always love the finished results!

Last week was especially busy and seemed to get the best of me but somehow we pulled through and got everything done ... well, except for my house.  I swear Halloween Night a bomb must have exploded because there was stuff on every floor of the house.  I made them clean it all up Sunday and they kept saying, "Sunday is a day of rest mom!" (In long drawn out voices -- haha)

Thursday the day started out getting Katie ready for her preschool Halloween party.  She decided to wear her sister's ladybug costume that day because she had some serious ladybug envy that she needed to get out.

At the end of the class the parents came to watch them show off their costumes and mad musical skills.

A couple hours later we had Jacob's Wax Museum Report to get to.  This turned out really great despite my grumbling at all the projects in this class.  He has more homework than all of my kids combined but that's another story.
We're proud of him -- he did an excellent job!

We then headed over to the elementary school to catch Savannah's 1st Grade Halloween Program. She was so excited to sing for all of us.

Between all of these things I'm busy cutting tulle to make skirts to go with all my girl's costumes. With Thursday over it was time to get ready for Friday and Savannah's Halloween party at school. I forgot to take any pictures but it turned out good. We did centers so I brought the rootbeer brew and a couple of games.

Now to Halloween --

It Utah everyone went trick-or-treating on Saturday so as to observe the Sabbath.  We went to the trunk or treat at church and then headed to my mom's to trick or treat with cousins and enjoy spending time with family.  We missed them last Halloween so it was nice to be there.

Danny was Malfoy from Harry Potter but was often confused for a vampire --- either works.  The white make-up was supposed to just make him look pale but it does it doesn't look quite right in this lighting.  Haha

Amber was a ladybug this year and a pretty cute one at that.  I especially liked how her antenna turned out.

Jacob was a wight - creature despised by man.
He spends a lot of time looking at Webster's dictionary and is writing a story about a wight so he decided to be one. Basically, it is anything scary. He did a pretty good job and played the part all night.

I had to get a close up.

Hailey was a witch. She told me that she is always a witch but so am I so it's all good! I just couldn't resist turning her gorgeous dark hair into my witch's nest with spider's and webs crawling out.

Savannah finally got to wear her ladybug costume. During the day I used Halloween as a bride to get the kids to really clean their rooms...
Hailey found an old dance costume which went perfect with the skirt and wings. I should have take a picture of the back. It is red and black stripes. So cute!

Katie was a beautiful bride! She wore the dress-up Grammie got for her birthday and I had made a veil and bouquet last year at Halloween. She make a very cute bride but the boys better wait awhile.

Caleb was a very cute dragon. He loved stomping around the house in his costume and figured out trick-or-treating pretty quick. Once he realized what everyone kept putting in his pumpkin he held on tight and wouldn't let it go!