Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Organizing Challenge! Seriously needed!!

I was just telling my mother-n-law over Christmas Break that I needed to fly my sister-in-law out to my house to help me organize.  (Although with my giant brood it wouldn't last long!)  Then one night I lay in bed and told my husband that it is very obvious that I can't keep up with everything and that we should hire a maid .... which I still haven't done yet. I say this often but never do it even though I feel like I am constantly swimming upstream. 

A few weeks ago my husband was at home for the day and decided to deep clean the kitchen and keep it that way all day.   I watched as he diligently worked throughout the day to keep up with the demand that our kitchen takes.  After his third load of dishes and constant care throughout the day I mentioned how exhausting it is and that just that one room in the house is a full-time job.  He couldn't believe it but agreed.  He tried to stay ahead of it for a few days but then his enthusiasm failed.  I told him I just have to pick up in the morning and then at night or I would spend my entire day in the kitchen. 

Anyway all these stories are to tell that I'm feeling like I want to be more clean and organized but that it is often overwhelming in my house of kids.  Last night I saw that my cousin-in-law took a cleaning challenge and decided I'd do so too.  It is great because she just gives you one task a day for 21 days and it will help clear the clutter in the house in places that I don't get to as often.  Only problem is that I'm started on the 5th so I have to play catch up over the next few days!  I'll post pictures of my progress. 

I'll probably still hire a maid!!


The Spanglers said...

Sounds good! I don't know if I will join or not because I did a bunch of organizing recently. My linen closet and the cabinets over my kitchen desk (that took a few hours). I feel like I constantly move stuff in the kitchen to find where I really want it. My pantry is a nightmare. I don't know who planned such a small pantry for such a big house. Maybe someday I'll re-do that part of my kitchen and make the pantry bigger. When I say "I" I mean "we".

Amy said...

Thanks for the post. I have been on an organizing binge for the last month but I love the suggestions and the site. I have 5 kids and always feel behind as well.

Alisa said...

Keri - you're the sis-n-law I need to hire if I can't figure this out.

Amy congrats on the new little one. I always feel extra behind when I have a brand new one at home.