Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5 - Under Kitchen Sink

Okay - I am still playing catch up but should be on track by the end of the weekend. I was gone all morning for a birthday lunch for my wonderful mom, but got to work when I got home.

Believe it or not this was organized at one point or another but the bags have decided to overtake the cabinet.
This was a good excuse to get the bags under control so I went to Walmart and bought a bag holder which really helped control the chaos of the cabinet.

I won't take a picture of my counter! We're creating piles of things that we're getting rid of and I also have a tub of tools for my husband to take back out to the garage.

My oldest came home from school and told me he was going to need a tour of the kitchen --- it's his chore this week! Funny

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The Spanglers said...

I usually have to show Ryan where everything is after I reorganize. Good luck remembering where you put everything.