Thursday, December 9, 2010


Having the right perspective has helped me immensely today.....

You know how everything from Costco comes in multiples?  Like a box of Cheez-it has two sleeves.  Well I bought a couple boxes of them yesterday with my handy-dandy coupon of course!  I came downstairs this afternoon to find one sleeve empty already.  I started to get frustrated but then took a step back and did a little thinking.  Okay a box of Cheez-its from Costco costs about $6 and I had a $2 off coupon.  So I'm only out $2 for half a box and it made a nice after school snack.  That's actually not too bad for 7 kids!

Oh and as long as I'm in a giving mood .... we won't worry about the brand new giant Christmas lights that we brought home yesterday that are already broken.  That's right one of them had a little run-in with a soccer ball.

It's just an accident ---- sheesh!  You need to work on your patience!!


renee' said...

Savannah even brought a bag down to our house and shared the with Will and Bethany. So, really you fed 9 children. :) I saw your lights, way cool, sorry about the broken one.

amysteele said...

"You can have kids OR you can have nice things." My dad use to say that under his breath A LOT!