Monday, January 10, 2011

Label Maker, Organizing & Sick!

The weekend was great but I'm still not completely caught up with the organizing challenge.

Day 6 was the dresser! My room is the last place I clean because I never have enough time to get to everything so when I saw this assignment I trembled slightly. I usually keep the drawers fairly organized but with Christmas and packing for a trip they got extra messy.

Three of my dresser drawers are devoted to my baby and the last time I set out to organize I was taking out clothes that no longer fit and stacking them in piles on the dresser but never finished. Further I seem incapable of doing the simple assignment of just organizing the dresser. I also did the nightstands, and drawers and cubbies in the closet so the assignment took me Friday & Saturday. It didn't help that I've been sick and several of my kids as well.

Anyway - - - yadayada - here's the goods:

I didn't get a before picture but here's the after...
Sock Drawer - I actually thought - there is no way I'm organizing my sock drawer. That's plain silliness. Who care's?!? Right?
But then I had an idea when I saw these triple storage bin. I stacked two on top of each other with the bottom one having my nylon's & tights. It actually is my favorite drawer! Ha ha!
Here's one of my husband's drawers.
Its' just short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts and a bin with Biking stuff.

On to the pantry ... when I saw that this was the challenge, I thought perfect because my husband just barely did this so it will give me more time to work in my room. Anyway I saved it until last night and of course I couldn't just leave the pantry the way my husband had organized it. No that would be to easy. Instead we (yes he helped & happily) took EVERYTHING out and put together his "cansolidator" he'd gotten for Christmas. Oh and I got a new label maker to solve my label maker dilemma and we had a lot of fun with that. We thought we were hilarious but I'm sure that was just because it was 2 AM before we finished.

I didn't get a before but here are some pictures in the middle of the process.
Our little helper until it got too late.

After shots:

Lunch Station - we've been using this system for a few years. It's works wonder's when 5 kids are making lunches in the morning before school. My 1st grader always asks how come they have to make their own lunches because everyone else's mom's make theirs. I told her it's because she can do hard things as her preschool teacher taught her & we've made it pretty easy. All they have to do is grab one thing out of each lunch bin. Last night we added a "sandwich fixin" bin and labeled them all. Our dessert bin is empty right now so I added a HAHA! label on the bottom of the bin (this is where we thought we were hilarious!).

Anyway we had a very productive weekend and enjoyed labeling everything in past and present organizing jobs. Now on to today's challenge - the coat closet! Watch out this might be scary!

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