Monday, January 10, 2011

"La Madre de Las Salsas"

For Christmas Dan got me an electric pressure cooker from Costco. I know super practical right? ... but I LOVE it! We have been using it almost every day for some sort of meal.

Last night (while we were organizing the pantry) I put a roast in it so I could have some shredded taco meat. I looked up a couple of recipe ideas but didn't find one that sounded great so I just started putting some things in the pressure cooker. After sauteing onions and garlic I added a can of diced tomatoes and a can of green chilies. But the real trick was a can of Chipotle peppers that I had Dan buy a couple of days ago for a different recipe. I only put a couple in and then realized that I was using a fork that I had been using on the raw meat so I dumped the entire can in. Anyway this is how I came up with what my husband calls "La Madre de Las Salsas"

I wasn't sure how long to cook the meat so I set the pressure cooker for 75 minutes. When we opened it up it was VERY hot, spicy hot. Dan was instantly in love but I knew that wouldn't do for the average Joe much less my kids. So we took the meat out and he bottled & labeled his new favorite sauce. I put the roast back in with another can of tomatoes & a few spoonfuls of the sauce and set the cooker for another 60 minutes.

It was perfect! This was my lunch today for only 6 points.

Did I mention I joined Weight Watcher's last week? Last year my body decided that yes, I was closer to 40 than 30 and that it had carried 7 children. It was a reality check and no I don't have an enormous amount to lose but I would like to feel like I want to get dressed everyday because things fit. So I took the plunge and joined. So far so good....

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Becca said...

That is fun. And way to go with the Weight Watchers. I am convinced that it is the Right Way to Go (even though I've never used it... just research - I don't want to pay someone to tell me that I cheated. Hello? I know I cheated!)