Thursday, December 9, 2010


My baby has discovered the trash ...
I know you're wondering what I'm complaining about.  It is so useful when they are able to discard their own stinkiness; however, he doesn't quite know the rules yet.
EVERYTHING goes in the trash.  I know he's simply practicing his free-throw for his future career in the NBA but seriously this has got to end.
•  Sippy cups go in signalling "I'm done"
•  Toys go in meaning "these are sub-par mother,  please go acquire me something meaningful"
Anyway, it is this new discovery that has me siting here tonight staring at a single brown penny loafer wondering where it's match is.... My guess:  Timbuktu
** Trash day was yesterday**
He also has been fascinated with the appliance cupboard in the kitchen lately, more specifically the popcorn maker.  Tonight I discovered why --- it is full of tiny "balls" (the kids, not I, fail to empty the unpopped kernals).  These balls are the perfect pair with the hole near the latch on the dishwasher when opened.

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Mandy said...

I think he's trying to tell you that penny loafers are not cool.
I loved this post. Very cute :)
Mandy (your sister)