Saturday, August 28, 2010


I LOVE Carthage. There is definitely a Spirit here. The kids can all feel it too. I love the Prophet Joseph Smith and have a strong testimony of him as a Prophet and of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was restored to the Earth through him.

The door to the room. Hyrum was killed through these shots.

This is in the room where the martyr happened. This is not the window that Joseph fell from.

Jacob & Caleb

Caleb had his own tour. We stayed away from the tour group b/c he was a little noisy and we didn't want to take away from any one's experience. I actually loved wandering around alone with Caleb. He enjoyed it too as you can tell!

LOVE this picture. This is out in the hall but the imagery is still powerful.

Jacob, Caleb and Christina outside of the jail.

Group shot in the upstairs cell. It was in here where Willard Richards hid John Taylor, who was shot, which saved his life.

Hailey Grace

Christina and Caleb

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