Thursday, October 4, 2007

The end is coming . . . I hope :~]

We are in over a month and counting since our family came down with the Nasty Parasite that is afflicting Utah's pools. The last week in August is when we first got sick. There was a short time about two weeks ago that I thought we were in the clear. Then it finally struck me. Last week I came down with all of the symptoms of the bug. The same day Hailey came down with a fever and terrible cough. By the end of the week the two little girls had the cold symptoms as well.

Luckily Hailey and I are better now but yesterday I had to take Savvy into the Dr. because she had kept me up half of the night with sore ears. She had infections in both ears. Poor thing!

While we were at the Doctor a neighbor was there also and she mentioned that their family had had strep. All I could think was great . . . if strep is going around someone in our family will come down with it!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will just walk right past our house and leave us alone. We've had enough!

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