Thursday, September 6, 2007

Life is Funny

Tonight I went out to dinner with a group of my friends. It was so fun to see them because I don't see them very often now that I have moved less than one mile away. It is crazy simple things can change your life so much.

The waiter tonight was lacking in judgement. He did a few really unsanitary things. I ordered a salad and as he is setting the plate in front of me there is a fly sitting on top of it. . . . so I told him there was a fly on it. He said, "Oh" and then proceeds to try and pick the fly out of my salad. So now his fingers are in my salad and the fly isn't flying away but falling deeper into the salad. I had to tell him that maybe I should just get a new salad. It seemed as if he was trying to get rid of the fly so that he could just let me keep the salad. When he brought the new salad I had to wonder if he had simply scraped the top layer off of the salad.

A little later he is filling up my friends water and it starts to overfill. - You know how the ice shifts in the pitcher and then it dumps - well this is what happened. So he picks up my friends glass (that she has been drinking out of) and dumps part of it back into the pitcher. Then he proceeds to the next person to fill up their cup! I think he needs to retake the food handlers permit class!!


meta said...

so very gross. if i think about it too long i will not be able to eat out for a very long time!

Melissa & Ben said...

This is my first time viewing your blog (I found it on Courtney and Andrew's). Anyway, This post really made me laugh. I can hardly believe someone would do that!
Melissa (Clark) Nichols