Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I thought we were finally healthy . . . but I was wrong. There is this nasty parasite going around and we caught it.

My oldest has been sick the longest and I know how contagious this is so we have been VERY cautious so we don't pass this around. Thursday night was the last time anyone had any episodes so by Sunday I thought I was safe to take the family to church. Then we went to my parents for the holiday - then Monday morning Jacob got sick - really sick! That night Danny got sick again. We are just starting the beginning of the third week of school and Danny missed the entire second week and we are starting in on the third.

The Doctor is having us take labs and has given us a prescription for this anti-parasitic medicine. Which he said is very expensive so if we have to treat all of the kids it will be spendy. I am hoping the end of this thing is in sight!!

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