Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In the spirit of keeping better in touch I thought that I would send our 1st day of school pictures for all to see. Hailey started Kindergarten today and thought that she looked (and I quote) like a "fashion star".

The other kids all started last week. Everyone is loving their new school with the exception of Danny and we are telling him to give it some time.

Danny did start tackle football this year which he is loving. He also is taking piano and seems to be a natural - he has asked for a while to take violin which he will also be starting soon through the schools orchestra.

Amber of course loves school. She wrote a 5-page book report on Abraham Lincoln the other day just for fun. She informed me she doesn't like dance and has requested to sign up for gymnastics - which I keep forgetting to do. Amber also is taking piano.

Jacob is thrilled that our old next door neighbor is in his class. He says he is making new friends every day at recess through playing soccer. Every time he mentions a new kids name - he tells me they play soccer with him. He has requested soccer (I am quoting again) so that he can practice his moves for recess. Jake started piano this past summer and has enjoyed it so far.

Hailey loved her first day of Kindergarten. She came off of the bus holding hands with a girl in our neighborhood who she didn't really know until today. She informed me that her and Josie were the best ones in the class and then she told me all of the reasons why. Hailey asked to take clap (tap) class b/c she has been practicing on our kitchen floor and has become really good at it ( so she says) She is also signed up for a jazz class.

Savvy got some new glasses. We are going to do preschool at home. She is also signed up for her first dance class.

Kaitlyn loves to have preschool at home with Savvy
and is learning what sounds the letters make.

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Mike Olsen said...

I love It! The room and the blog! I especially love how the stripes and dots came out- you amaze me. Blogging is on my list of things to do. I want to do a "things I wish I'd know sooner" type of blog about parenting, and especially the logistics of a big family. I have lots of ideas for it so If I ever get around to starting it I'll let you know! Thanks for inspiring me a bit- in both the decorating and blogging department.

Love Ya! Heather