Thursday, August 30, 2007

Decorating Amber's room

A few weeks ago my sis-in-law Cortney was over and she asked me if she could see Amber's room ( I have been talking about decorating plans for about a year). Anyway, I told her that I hadn't actually done anything to it but had merely talked big for quite awhile. So the next day I got to work.

We painted the bottom a seafoam blue and I was just going to paint he top of the room chocolate brown. Then Amber and I got to talking and I suggested strips and she suggested dots so we did a mixture and it turned out adorable.

We still have a lot of work to do. The shelf needs supports so that we can put pictures, books and nic-nacs up there. I also need to paint it the right color of white.

I ordered her a new dresser and nightstands and then I am going to save up for a new bed. We are so excited.

These four frames are going to be hung on the wall. Two of them are cork boards to hang pictures on and the other two are magnet boards.

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meta said...

so so SO very cute!!! I love there idea of the shelf across the top - did you make it?

PS - here is link to Leilani's blog (do you remember her from BYU?)