Friday, May 11, 2012

Interesting Conversation...

A couple of weeks ago I noticed I'd missed a call from a man named James Bell who works for an organization called American Prinicples Project.  He had some questions about some of the research I'd found relating to Common Core.  We talked and I had some questions for him.  He told me that I really should speak with his boss Emmett McGoarty.  It was evening so I decided I'd give Emmett a call the next day.  I told one of the women that I've been working with to call Emmett too so she could explain a Cooperative Agreement that we'd found.  

I talked to Christel before I called Emmett the next day and she told me that they'd talked briefly and that in passing he'd told her that "Utah was like a beacon of light up on a hill."  I called Emmett and we spoke for over an hour as I had many questions for him regarding his research as he did for me.  Multiple times in our conversation he told me that they are in awe at what is happening in Utah and the energy that Utah has  involving a push to get out of Common Core.  He told me that "Utah is setting the standard to the Nation" and that everyone is watching Utah trying to figure out what is happening and so he asked me what is working.  These phrases remind me of the words of Isaiah.  

I asked Emmett if he was a religious man.  He answered that he was so I told him that Divine Intervention was working.  I bore testimony to him of a Higher Power working through me and others to inform the public of our findings.  I told him I cannot deny this.  I've had too many personal experiences confirming to me that the work I'm doing is needed and important.  I told him how I'd never been involved politically in my life before this.  In fact, I never even voted before the last Presidential Election.  I told him how I didn't even realize, as I was feeling the strong prompting to fight this with all I've got,  the political season was heating up in Utah.  I told him I don't know if Common Core truly affected any races but it got people talking.  I told him again that I didn't realize the timeline but God knew that more people would be willing to listen during a political season.  I testified to him of the strength I'd felt and the people placed in my path to further the message.  

At another point in our conversation he asked me again about what was working and I told him prayer is what is working.  I told him that everyone catches on to something different because this issue is so encompassing and that as I kneel in prayer before any meeting or conversation I have, that God works through me to deliver the message. [I was promised in a blessing that in this fight if I knelt in prayer for guidance I would be given the words I needed to say and I can testify that has happened.  I have felt so much direction and help from up above I would be a fool to state that this was coming from me.(not shared with Emmett)]  I am merely a mouthpiece.

We continued our conversation and I told Emmett that from the beginning of my journey I've felt inspired that I am only one person but that I have a voice and that I can use my voice to share my message with others.  Then as others pick up on the message they too can use their voices and pretty soon the voice of the People is rising up and I told him THAT is what is happening in Utah. (I didn't mention to him that this inspiration came to me from Alma 51 as I sat in the temple seeking guidance and direction for my role in this cause and that was the chapter I opened to without so much as ruffling a page.)  He was so excited about this statement and told me "Wow that is like the Founding Fathers".  

He mentioned a document he was looking for and I told him I had it and he was in awe and said that was another Divine Intervention as he's been searching for that document for a long time. 

Anyway it was a neat conversation.  I felt so comfortable talking to him about my testimony.  He left me a message the next week telling me that he was putting together a White Paper, or research paper, on Common Core and wanted me to go over it before they released it.  We played phone tag for a few days so that didn't happen but here is the study.  Controlling Education From the Top  I urge you to read it.  He and Jane Robbins do an excellent job at laying all of the pieces out and showing their connections.


The Management said...

Thank you for sharing that wonderful testimony.

The Management said...

Thanks for sharing!

Principles of Freedom forum said...

Your journey is an inspiration, Alisa. It is an amazing thing for me to witness. I have found that I am more grateful for my own journey and the inspiration behind that, as I read others' experiences like yours. The best part is knowing that it isn't about you or is about truth, and the Lord lets us mere mortals be His hands. Thank you!