Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hailey's Swimming Spectacular

Hailey's birthday is exactly one week after Katie's so we had a busy couple of weeks.
Hailey opted to invite less friends and go to a local pool.  It was a much simpler production which was nice for me and she still had fun.

Cupcakes - I found these on family fun and they were very simple and turned out really cute.
Also I was looking for a new recipe for frosting and came across this recipe --
The Best Frosting I've Ever Had 
It was REALLY yummy (after I picked off the marshmellows).

Amber painted this painting for Hailey's birthday.  

The party was only 2 1/2 hours and that included driving to and from the pool so I decided not to even take a swimsuit and just watch from the side.  I figured Katie could wear a life jacket and one of the older kids could hold Caleb and take him down the small slide (with us watching of course).  The worst that could happen would be that I had to jump in - in my clothes to rescue a child.  Anyway  Dan decided to do the same.  I mentioned that to the lady when we were paying to get in and she informed me that children under 5 could not swim unless a parent was actually IN the pool with them.  I understand why they say this but I actually can watch better from the sidelines.

As a result, these two had to sit in the party room and watch everyone swim through the windows.

There were quite a few tears shed!  We'll just say that Katie may or may not have gotten her feet wet and ventured down the small slide.  I couldn't say if it's true or not.

Happy Birthday Hailey!!!

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