Monday, October 11, 2010

The Little Things make all the difference....

I didn't want to go!!  But I did and I'm glad!

This morning I was all settled in to have a lazy Monday where I just get caught up on things around the house, when my husband came downstairs dressed for work.

Me - "What!  I thought you were working from home today."

Him - "Nope gotta go in, why?"

Me - "oh no biggie just told the girls you'd come to the school today for Books 'n Buddies"

I went into panic mode because my day was suddenly cut into 45 minute increments until late afternoon.  There goes nap time for Caleb (and me).  There goes doing much, if any,of the day after Sunday clean-up.  There goes having any reasonable block of time to get ready for the day.

I showered and rushed to do my gymnastics carpool duties -- with wet hair pulled back until  I reached my next 45 min. block.  (I was 20 minutes early by the way - my brain apparently went with my husband to work - so I could have dried my hair but oh well)

Anyway I finally get to the moment that takes me to the school for Books 'n Buddies.  I get in the car and have a flashback to last year where I arrived at the school only to find my kids wishing they could go out to recess instead of read & one of my kid's teacher had scheduled a pizza party for a few kids back in their class so he wanted to be there.  I was hoping that this year would run more smoothly because I always have the company of a couple little ones who could really benefit from a nap.

Anyway I knew my 1st grader would be excited to have us there because this was her first event but I wasn't sure about my 3rd grader.  Each grade comes in at different times so we were nicely settled in to reading when I looked up and saw my 3rd grader standing in the door.  She's clutching to her lunchbox looking around and when she saw me she lit up and said, "I knew you would come!"

That made it all worth it.  So glad I went.


Mandy said...

awwww . . . that's so sweet. It even made me cry, but maybe I shouldn't admit that :)

Olsens R Us said...

I cried too Mandy, and felt like a dork until I read your comment :)

Alisa said...

I tear up when I read it and I wrote it!!!

It has less to do with the story but the child who said it! Also, I go to everything at the school and sometimes that goes unnoticed but it touched me that she knew I would come because I always do.