Sunday, September 26, 2010

Playin' in the Mud!!

I sat down to write this last night and after 2 sentences realized my brain power had gone to bed a few hours before! Here is what I had come up with ---

My sister sent a link to this race (The Dirty Dash) a while ago but I forgot and never registered. I found out my sister did register so we decided to go watch.

------ I know blah blah blah blah blah blah ------

Anyway I didn't run the race with her but on a whim signed up all the kids, cousins, & an aunt for the piglet plunge. It is just a small loop of the race that includes running up & down a mod bogged hill, then off to the enormous 4-lane slip in slide that ends in a mud bath, and finally down the hill to the mud pit (the kids stayed here awhile)! Everyone had a blast!!!

So now you can understand why I find myself washing out the washing machine tonight. I washed everything twice then removed it all from the wash to give the machine a good scrub. Now for the third and hopefully, final wash.


Stacey said...

Oh man, those pictures are so cute...and no I do NOT envy the washing machine trauma. How in the world did you even get home? Wasn't that in Utah county? You are a brave soul :)

Alisa said...

They had showers so we brought a change of clothes, towels, & a trash bad for the dirties. We donated a few of the kids shoes that were in really bad shape.

But the showers were freezing so the kids ended up riding home in undies with towels covering the seats.

You should sign up for the one in May! I'm going to ... it was in Soldier Hollow

Mandy said...

Wow that looks fun, messy but fun! You are a good woman to wash all of those clothes.

reneebeat said...

Oh wow! Looks fun, but yeah, I can't get over thinking about cleaning those clothes. I think I would just get some really awful ones and put them right in the garbage. You are a great mom!