Monday, September 13, 2010

Movie Star!!

I was looking at     to find my next talk for my Conference blog. The front page has changed has changed since yesterday.

The first thing I noticed was a new section for mobile applications. I tried to install them but it's not working yet, but still VERY COOL!

Then the next section says they are looking for actors for the NEW TESTAMENT film. I clicked on the link and went to the sample head shots.

THERE WAS MY SISTER-IN-LAW!! She's the 6th one and her mother is the second to the end.
The New Testament Film

Anyway ... I thought it was pretty cool! I knew they had taken some shots but I was still surprised when I came across them. My niece had hers done also but it wasn't in the sample pics.


renee' said...

Way cool, she's beautiful.

Stacey said...

I'd look at those head shots a few days ago and noticed her. She's gorgeous!